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Key Press Duration


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Wondering if anyone has figured out how to dictate the keypress duration...  I've got my windows mouse control payload working but it would be more useful if I could hold a key down instead of pressing it 100 times in a loop.  I think the end goal will be to emulate something you can't do with a keyborad, like a signature in an HTML5 canvas.


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I think the main reason for this is you would have no idea what holding down the key would actually do.

Say, if I held down a key on my PC for 5 seconds, it might make a whole wall of text in a single character. If I held down the key on a lower end PC (or even a phone), it might only do half as much. This means you have no idea how many times that button was actually inputted.

So therefore, even if you create a loop to press the button 100 times, you still know it attempted to press the button 100 times.


Very tempted to say 'speed is key' but I figured it wouldn't go down well as a pun...

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