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[SOLVED / Thanks Sebkinne!] Subforum for Payloads?


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What are your thoughts on a subforum for new/updated payloads only?

People seem to be creating quite a few payloads, and pull requests seem to be quite slow to get reviewed/merged. I suggest a subforum, e.g.  `Home > Active Projects > Bash Bunny > Payload Discussion` for people to post new payload threads which will allow forum visitors to easily find and try new payloads and provide input before Github merges.

Support, features suggestions, etc can stay in the parent forum.

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50 minutes ago, Decoy said:

This actually wouldn't be a bad idea for the Ducky, LAN Turtle, and Pineapples as well.

This already exists for the Pineapples. We'll consider it for the Duck, but the Turtle doesn't have enough payloads to really warrant an entire forum.

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