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Language swapping on the bashbunny


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The language switch would depend on the setup and environment. Usually there is a short-cut key combination to switch from one input language to the other. The tricky part is that there probably isn't a good way to detect which language is active at the time of the attack. 

However these keyboard shortcuts can and often are changed by the user. But assuming that you already have physical access to the machine , you might just visually look at the current language input settings and change it to English input then carry out a bash-bunny attack. If you know that the target is at a default settings then issuing any of the language switch keystrokes should change the input language to English.

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We are simplifying this process in the next firmware upgrade. Language files will be automatically updated from the mass storage partition, where the payloads live. This will allow people to upload other language files and share them with the rest of the community.

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When you upgrade to the latest version (1.3) and you download the latest Github repo of the Bunny payloads you will see that there is a 'languages' folder in your Bunny's USB storage. That folder SHOULD have a bunch of '.json' files in there with lots of 2-letter combinations. Using the 'config.txt' file next to this folder (in the same directory I mean) you can specify which of those files you want to use as the Bunny's language.


Refers to the 'us.json' file in the languages folder.

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