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Choice of wifi adapters


WIFI Card, USB, PCI, or PC  

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    • USB adapter
    • PCI adapter
    • PC card

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Well, all I've used is a USB adapter, and I've been fairly happy with it. The lengthy USB cable also allows me to move the receiver to a better vantage point to receive a signal, so I pack my computer away in a inconspicuous location without compromising the quality of the wireless signal.

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what kind of extension cable do you use? Because I bought a 15 foot one and it doesnt carry enough power to the usb adapter. I researched it and turns out that the wifi usb adapters are power savy and require a special "active usb repeater cable". It looks almost same as a regular male a to female a, except that one end has a a big jack in it, somehow carries all the power needed for usb devices. Guess Ill have to spend more money to get a repeater next time.

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"there not deaf" <- i dont get that

anyway, im not a millionare and wouldnt buy a separate card for separate needs. Im talking of buying a regular card for years of usage on desktops and laptops. That kind of excludes the pc card though, because I will need my card to be able to be used on a desktop. I've always assumed that the pc cards had the best reception, I dont know if thats true or not, but thats probably the only reason i put it in the list.

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"there not deaf" <- i dont get that.

Most of the PMCIA or PCI WiFi cards are deaf what means that they will not pick up weak WiFi signals.

The new kinds of USB Wifi units (like the SUB-362 (ext) from Senao) are not deaf and wil pick up (out of the box) and connect with WiFi signals from 1km far away.

And that not a deaf or hard of hearing peace of WiFi hardware.



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