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Is this a Vulnerability for ducky?


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So, I'm not sure what to make of this. Maybe it's nothing. My friend was setting up a bunch of dells and noticed this


it looks like just another driver, but HID and BIOS got me wondering. I found this link


that gives a better description. I couldn't find anything online about what BIOS HID commands there could be. Why would the BIOS need access to HID?

If it does have access, what keys does it have, and how do computers interpret them? Could this be exploited?

I honestly can't find anything else, but I thought I'd post this in case anyone knows what it actually does and can debunk my curiosity.

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On the premise of "Why would the BIOS need access to HID?" this is the basics of a booting system. HID is just another term for input device, ie: keyboard, mouse, etc. "Human Interface Device" is what HID stands for, and on boot, every BIOS of a system checks for very basic things on boot, such as, HDD, keyboard, mouse, monitor, the system itself and the basic hardware to make everything work. This is normal and to be expected. In order to interface with a machine on boot, a set of basic drivers or instructions have to take place when detecting hardware and then utilizing that hardware. This is the purpose of the BIOS(and firmware for most every computerized like device including phones, tablets, etc). The bios contains the instructions either in firmware or on disk that allow the computer/device work with the hardware. ie: basic input and output for the system.

For the links above, the "drivers" in this case, would seem to me for specific hardware, such as laptop with extra function keys, like toggle wifi, screen bright or dark, volume controls, etc. Not sure where you see a vulnerability in anything you link to or what exactly your concern is.

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