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Sick of copy and paste? Me too! Check out ConfigPayloads


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So, the original way the BB works is just fine. copy your files, run. save, done.

but why bother copying? With my new "payload" called ConfigPayloads, you can use a config.txt file

simply supply the directory of the payload you want to run, and presto manifesto, you're all done.

On top of that, the old way left you wondering which payloads you have where. No longer! with one file to show you the directory you are pointing to, you can quickly see your configuration!

quickly swap out payloads and easily see which payloads will be ran! 

The best part is that this change is COMPLETELY BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE! That's right folks! If you want to go back to using the switch1, switch2 folders you can! just rename or remove the handy dandy config.txt and you're right back to basics!


https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/pull/106 (pull request pending)

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