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Riiight... you have to replace the "C:Documents and SettingsScotMy DocumentsMy Picturesdesktop" with a link to an image on the web(make sure there's nothing but the image on the page though). Like this "http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/6938/untitled1copy8wb.jpg".

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...home server, only 512kbit upload...

"ONLY"? I have 128k upload! And New Zealand is much like Australia in the sense that we also have limited bandwidth. The average is about 10gb(which is what I have... although I barely ever use it all up).

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rofl metatron :lol: we've got the same taste i used that render in one of mine's aswell :D



ure's r pro tho. mne's r just 3 renders and a self made bg ....

(not that i dont have some photoshop skillz but i'm just uber-lazy)

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This is from "Lappy", Named after Strong Bad's computer, my 1.2 GHZ iBook. The wallpaper is made by me for a skate team i am manager of and film for called Small Town Boys. The little image on the top right is the album art for a podcast i am starting for the team and to promote Midwest skateboarding :).

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