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Ducky/Bash Bunny Exfiltration, OwnCloud, Raspberry pi.

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So just a simple question,  I have the means to do the below but just need a proof of concept. I want to run an OwnCloud server on a raspberry pie so I can access all of my files on the cloud for anywhere (as you do), but was also wondering if you're able to send file to OwnCloud from powershell. I know you can send files and email with powershell but can an OwnCloud server receive them?

If anyone has any idea of the actual command involved to send a file to an OwnCloud server from powershell could you please post that as well?

Thanks for all the help. 

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I tested a direct link from my owncloud server and it looks like you should be able to. I haven't tried to do it yet with a ducky, but in theory if the file is shared and you have a direct download link, you should be able to.

It doesn't have the extension for the file in the download link though, so this would have to be tested. Here is the direct download link that I pulled from my owncloud. I am not sure if you would have to run an extra line of code in the ducky script to execute since its not giving the extension from the download link.

<link removed>

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Good to know mate., maybe it's worth playing with this weekend after I set up my server. Thanks for the heads up and I'll leave the thread open incase someone comes up with a command in the mean time. Good call on removing the hat link too haha

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