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Windows and WiFi modes?


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I am a noob here however i have owned the pineapple for maybe 3 months or so now. I am having some problems as i definitely sit and try to figure this thing out for hours upon hours. I really want to see something work, something that is not super involved just to give me some excitement to continue to keep going. I have tried over and over using Reaver and I have used it on Kali, but from the look on the pineapple, it is just different, at least looking. I have also tried Bully on the pineapple but i get an error often times. I have been trying to crack wps on a cellular hot spot that i have connected to my computer and have fiddled with the settings over and over. I am getting two different distinct messages shown below. Does Reaver and many of the modules or dependencies not work on windows possibly? I ask because on a Linux machine you can change the modes of the wireless cards via command and i am wondering if maybe the cards cant be set into monitor mode or what? 

 [!] WARNING: Failed to associate with D2:00:00:B8:00:EB (ESSID: 9C:00:5B:89:00:00) (bogus macs)


[!] Bully v1.0-22 - WPS vulnerability assessment utility [+] Switching interface 'wlan0-1mon' to channel '11' [!] ioctl(SIOCSIWFREQ) on 'wlan0-1mon' failed with '-1' [X] Unable to set channel on 'wlan0-1mon', exiting

I am dying see something happen here and I know it comes very easily to a good majority of you. Can anyone give some pointers? Thanks a bunch

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