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This is a little later than i had liked but im finally ready for an 'Alpha' Release. 

From the team that brought you https://ducktoolkit.com i am happy to announce https://bunnytoolkit.com

Concept is fairly simple. All the payloads that are in the github can be opened in the browser. You can then edit the files in the browser make changes as you like and once your happy with changes click the download button to get your payload folder.

Copy the contents of this in to a switch position and away you go.


For those who need a quick way of creating your own payloads we have the custom payload wizard. Answer some questions or pick a template and when you click finish you get a page that contains all the base templates which you can then add your own code to and save it as you do with the payload editor above.  






I will continue to add more custom features to the wizard and welcome any feedback or thoughts you may have. 

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