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Question about a ducky script for android


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So this might be far fetched but would it be possible with a ducky to install and launch an APK stored on the sdcard in the duck? I'm new to the tool so I'm not entirely sure.

Basically what I want to do is:

Plug in

Disable App Verification

Install Stored app

Launch app after install.


The app would be the basic one you get when you create a meterpreter shell in metasploit.


Let me know what you guys think (not asking for you to code it for me) just need to know if its even plausible. I still have to figure out what the key mapping is for a usb keyboard plugged to an android phone.

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Sure it's possible, as long as you already have access to the android device. It doesn't bypass any login procedure for you (eg pin or swipe pattern).

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