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Possible pilot error, possible BB issue.


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Just received the bash bunny; I've got some issues getting the arming mode to connect the mass storage.  Could be me missing something though.  Advice for next steps appreciated.

Usual status on plugging in

Switch is in position 3, closest to USB plug.
Connected to different USB ports directly (no extender)
Completely blank LED.
No mass storage, no serial port.
Unknown device appears in device manager with VID 0x1f3a PID 0xEFE8.
No driver, and Update Driver does not work.
Device tested on both Win7 (XPS17) and Win8.1 (Surface Pro)

Once, after about 15 attempts overall, 3rd attempt on Surface.

Green LED for 5 secs, followed by blinking blue LED
Mass Storage found, and was able to navigate for approximately 20 seconds before LED stops and mass storage stops responding.
Unable to reproduce this result.

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This sound like a real problem... 

5 minutes ago, Sgoblin said:

Green LED for 5 secs, followed by blinking blue LED

In arming mode this is the expected behavior. Can you connect your BashBunny to an external USB power source, like USB charger? just if the BashBunny boots there as it should. If so, the problem is most probably your computer.

If not: try to reset your BashBunny:

Firmware Recovery

If the Bash Bunny fails to boot more than 3 times, it will automatically enter recovery mode. The LED will blink red while the file system is replaced by the backup partition. DO NOT UNPLUG THE BASH BUNNY DURING RECOVERY
This process takes about 3 minutes. When complete, the Bash Bunny will reboot as indicated by the blinking green LED.


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Thanks for the reply, was going slightly mad...
Right, connected it to a wall wart, forced 3 failed boots (as per wiki).  on 4th boot, green light for a few seconds, then a single red LED flash before the LED went blank.
I left it for 6 minutes or so, no flashing green LED, no LED at all.  BB was warm to the touch at this point.
Disconnected it; upon reconnection, no LED's at all.
Taken outside to cool down a little (yeah, I know the CPU is rated to higher temps).
When reconnected to wall wart, normal boot and flashing blue light.
So I've reconnected to the computer and get mass storage access for maybe 5 minutes, before disconnect.  Device then unresponsive until being left for 10 minutes.
Then attempted to force another Firmware Recovery - red LED flashes 5 times before stopping, no green LED even after 5 minutes.

I think I'm at tech support stage; can't keep it stable for longer than 5 minutes, even under no load.


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Unfortunately I think you are right... This really sounds a like a hardware issue. Go for the tech support and explain them in detail like in your last post what you did.

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