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Problem getting clients to connect


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I have 90 SSID's in my pool. But how do I get people to connect? Just keep all these SSID's in the air and hope for a connection? 

I tried deauth, but none of those clients connects....

Is there a nice guide to achieve the most clients to connect..

Sorry for all these newb questions.

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I'm having the same issue. I've noticed it in Windows 10 and Android 7.1.1 when trying to allow associations from a secured AP that is selected to "connect automatically". At first, I wondered if this was a security feature in the client OS that was preventing it from switching from a known secure AP to an unknown open AP with the same SSID. Then I updated the Tetra AP to be visible so that I could deliberately connect to it now that it had a different SSID. Even then, trying to connect to it failed. It showed up in my client list, but the connection showed no internet connection. Is there something weird going on with the host PC that isn't allowing traffic to flow through to the internet?

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