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Mounting the computer drive?


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is it possible to mount say a ntfs (windows) from your computer through say the serial connection?

this is what i get with lsblk through serial console


nanda  93:0    0   16M  0 disk
nandb  93:8    0   16M  0 disk
nandc  93:16   0   16M  0 disk
nandd  93:24   0  3.3G  0 disk /
nande  93:32   0   32M  0 disk
nandf  93:40   0    2G  0 disk
nandg  93:48   0  480M  0 disk
nandh  93:56   0  1.3G  0 disk
nandi  93:64   0  276M  0 disk

or maybe a way to directly boot into the linux distro at startup without putting another distro on the storage..?

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Yeah, this isn't the device for that. It's not possible to boot a machine and use the Bunny's cpu or use the bunnys os and the comps cpu. It also cannot mount the host disk directly.


Edit: You could, however, setup a windows share on the C: drive and cifs mount that! I bet duckyscript can whip up a good series of CMD/Powershell commands to help you.

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