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Unfortunately due to the way business happens you will always have problems, now hopefully a good company will make changes and do the proper thing. However some people will still think they have been treated badly and make a song and dance about how awful that company is even if they did everything correct.

You've got to decide who to believe, do you believe joe blogs or do you believe someone informed and rational.

People on hate websites arn't the latter.

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Stingwray, your assessment is accurate and i've always taken hate sites with a grain of salt.

However, they still do exist and if they continue to get unique stories based on similar issues, then that pattern becomes worrisome.

I'm sure there will be issues and i don't plan on hosting a major site, but flexibility with options, reliable uptime, attentive customer support, and reasonable pricing would be nice.

I post here because most ppl on this forum know a thing or two about a thing or two that involves the web.

as i mentioned above, if more ppl respond with positive remarks on similar hosts, it becomes a discernible pattern which will make it easier to make an informed decision.

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Vako -

eventually, that will be the idea.

moving to a company like rackspace or just a co-location facility with rock-solid SLA's

but this is a starter site that i wish to become a bigger site. If the results govern me moving to a dedicated server, i will. but for now, i'm sure there are affordable, shared web hosts that rock.

I'm just trying to get a feel as to what others use or recommend.

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l0gic.net has been on http://fuitadnet.com for some time now. I've had very few problems with them, and what issues I did encounter were menial and quickly remedied by one of their techs in their 24/7 IRC channel (very convenient).

Apparently they now even offer VPS, a good stepping stone between shared hosting and dedicated.

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