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Cant connect clients


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2 minutes ago, Verax said:

I myself can connect now. No clients in filterlist. So deny mode.. Now to find a way to get other clients to connect. Have 20 ssids in the pool.

I don't understand your logic, @Verax... If you and nobody else can connect to the Pineapple's WiFi than most probably "Allow" mode is activated!

Allow mode only allows devices within the filter list to connect.

Deny mode allows all devices but not those within the filter list.

Connect to your Pineapple using USB and check the setting.

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I'm having issues getting internet access with the Tetra. When I try to connect to the AP with a client, it connects but there is no internet access. I also have to force it to connect, even when I have set PineAP to allow associations. I have also tried making the AP visible to try to connect directly to that. I have tried on Windows 7, Windows 10, and Android 7.1.1. I'm wondering if I have an inherent issue in my settings somewhere, or if this is a known issue?

I also noticed that in my "Networking" tab in my Chrome browser, wlan1 is default set as the interface in WiFi Client Mode and that is the only option I have available. It says that wlan1 will interfere with PineAP. I am not clicking "scan", but Is this related?

I'm communicating to my Tetra via USB plugged into eth1, I'm able to login as root, and I can manage the admin pages just fine. I have not yet tried LAN or WiFi to manage the Tetra.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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