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Problème with drivers or bunny ? :(


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Hi all, first thanks a lot for all the fun stuff your are providing.

I received my fresh bunny yesterday, tryed erverything to get it work : but still nothing :

Win7 doesn't reconize
Win10  doesn't reconize

It look like RNDIS adaptater connect and disconnect to my machine ... CDC Serial drivers not found ...

So can't SSH & payoads not working :(

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Hi @duan,

I'm not sure if this was your problem / if you are aware of it:

In switch position 3 (arming mode) the BashBunny connects to your computer as a mass storage and a serial device (not as a ethernet device). Therefore you have to connect to it as described in http://wiki.bashbunny.com  topic Serial Settings and beneath...

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Did you check your COM Ports? Are there any devices?

Find the COM# from Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT) and look for USB Serial Device (COM#). Example: COM3
Alternatively, run the following powershell command to list ports:

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