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a cornucopia of noob questions


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Hi everyone


   I apologize in advance for these noob questions, but I'm not certain how to copy payload files into the bunny's switch folders.

Do i just copy the actual text from the webpage that shows the different payloads then paste it into the switch folder ? Or do I copy and paste it into the existing payload text file that's already there ?

I've been reading the forums, and is there anything I need to do to set it up initially beyond plugging it in ?

I appreciate any help; just trying to learn from the ground up.

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I thin best to first update the payloads if you have not done so already.

the download link is behind the green button on the page. But you can click here and download a zip https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/archive/master.zip

unzip. copy payloads to the bunny payloads storage folder overwriting all (unless you have something specific you wish to backup/keep).

From there you can delete (or backup) the payload already sitting in one of the switch folders and paste into it the payload of choice - read the readme files for each poayload info.


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So I've copied a payload from the webpage (quickcreds); and by copied, I mean I clicked and dragged to encompass the entire entry, then copied that into the existing text file found in switch 1, underneath the ...


...that I found there. I then switched to the appropriate switch and tried it. Nothing happened, but I didn't expect it to, since I know I'm probably doing it wrong.

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Install responder by coping the contents of the tools_installer folder to the other switch, ejecting your bunny, and plugging it in on that switch. It should install the tools automatically. 

Purple Blinking.................Moving tools
Purple Solid....................Tools moved
Amber Blinking..................Setup tools
Red Solid.......................Tool installation failed
White Solid.....................Installation completed successfully
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There really should be a dumbed down beginners step by step guide as a youtube video if anyone is so inclined to make one for those new to bashbunny. A simple step by step guide with Everything from setting up, updating, and running basic scripts.would be great to have as a resource

I know we have the web repository but how about a simple installer like wifi pineapple had where you could login and you could choose to automatically install updates and modules aka scripts with needed files. Log in choose to update, have a repository where you can pick the script you want choose which switch 1 or 2 and boom it installs the script and helpers no fuss no messing around

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