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VOIP number spoofing....


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I was wondering if it is possible to get skype or any similar program to send out a # that you pick to the receiving phones caller ID. or at least get it so that it will display caller restricted, because sometimes when i call regular phones it displays like 000123456 as the callers #


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This is actually related to spoofing the Caller ID. And, Caller ID is local specific.

Before you can even get that far, you need to learn how to run a custom PBX first. As, from my understanding, this is the only way to send out the custom headers for Caller ID. Im pretty sure Asterisk can do this, however, Im not 100% sure and it's one of those things on my list that I want to play around with. However, I only have skype and a cell phone, no hard lines.

I wish covertcall was still around so I could play with it more to figure out how it did it's thing.

In theory, you have your PBX call the line you want with custom Caller ID information, then have it call you to marry the two calls.

Now, if you got all this to work, the next step would to add voice effects on your line so you can change your voice pitch, etc.

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