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Troubleshooting management over WiFi


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Sorry to state the obvious, but before you jump to the conclusion that there is some bug that doesn't allow you to connect over WiFi and manage your new Tetra Pineapple box, please remember the following:

1.You should check that you connect for this purpose on the Management AP and not on the Open AP. Also be sure that you don't tick the checkbox that disables the Management AP on the Networking tab of the Pineapple Management  web interface.

2. The IP on which you can access the Management web interface is

I am just saying to blow the steam, because a friend that received this morning his new Tetra made me drive 71 km and  troubleshoot his connectivity issues, which were: he was connecting to the Open AP and trying to access the, which was left over from the time he did the initial setup via Android tablet, Android connector and the USB cable. It took me 2 hours on the road and 4 minutes on location to fix his issues.

Now if the Tetra was coming with some sort of manual.......

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