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Categorizing payloads in library


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Hey everyone i just had a thought... wouldnt it be better to categorize all payloads in different folders for what it is meant to attack? Like a folder for windows attacks, one for mac, one for linux, one for universal, one for bashbunny innstallers and so on.. I just feel like the library is going to be very messy if not :/

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Good idea. Even just OS/Target would be great.

OS/Target = Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, Other(Printers/TV/Routers/devices?) & Multi.

Type/function? (maybe not) = Recon, Exploit, Access, Prank, Other & Multi.


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9 hours ago, Sebkinne said:

I agree. I'm not sure of what exactly the organization should be, but I'm welcoming suggestions.

Maybe OS -> Type of payload or Type -> OS?

I thought about first a folder for which os and also a multi os folder for attacks that work on multiple os, then inside the os folder what type of attack (Like HID, RNDIS_ETHERNET,  ECM_ETHERNET and so on). :P and maybe also combined attacks like HID and ECM_ETHERNET :D

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