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Can the Wifi Pineapple act as an Evil Twin ?

Cody Oebel

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Does changing the MAC  under networking permit you to set your PineApple's MAC to a target AP  so that you can deauth users and have them connect to your access point ?? 

I'm simply trying to setup an evil twin access point in which will cause  connections on a target AP to connect to my twin and then get directed to a splash page when they try to browse. 

How can I accomplish this ? Help is appreciated ! 

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So I read your post in the Question section of the forum.  Are you telling your guest that they are connecting to a wifi pineapple so you can do these things? Also, if your not that sounds a little illegal and we don't do illegal things on these forums.

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I suggest you read up on what the Pineapple really is, and also what is legal to do, and what's not.
On another note, you don't need to spoof your mac-address to act as another ap, as clients do not care about the mac-address of the access-points they are trying to connect to.

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