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Robbed use of Pineapple to solve?


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Hi, I am new to the forum I have been more of a silent reader to learn things. My apartment was recently burglarized and my smart tv was stolen. In thinking about how evil access points are setup and used I was curious if I could essentially wardrive with the pineapple broadcasting my home SSID to see if the TV would try and connect to the rouge AP to get an idea of if the TV were still in the complex. I know the TV would have to be on but at this point Samsung has been unhelpful with giving me information on if the my TV logged onto my account from a different IP address post robbery.

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Definitely possible if it's actively probing for the AP. Don't need a Pineapple to do it though, but you could. You just need to filter all other requests as the Pineapple will say yes to everything that sends out a probe.

The issues I see you might be up against is that 1, they could have changed the network settings already, 2, sold it and is not near you, and 3, if it's like my DVD player, it won't look for the network once it's been disconnected from it for too long. With my DVD player, it tries a certain amount of times for some period of time(not sure on how long it will continue to look), but at some point, mine stops looking for the AP. I often have to manually go in and reconnect it to the router, but that doesn't mean the TV works that way, just putting that out there in the event it does like my DVD player.

Personally, I'd report everything to the police, and in the interim, setup something, like the pineapple, or just a device that can do monitor mode like a Nexus running NetHunter in monitor mode with a wifi dongle, and walk your area to see if you can log the TV's probe. Getting a hit isn't the hard part. Pinpointing and triangulating it will be since you'd probably need more than one device, to pin point it's location if in an apartment complex. Houses would be easier, since the spacing between the yards yield a bit easier to see signal strength per house.

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