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Bash Bunny Ducky Language


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I'm trying to set a UK keyboard layout for ducky scripts using the bash bunny. My "\" is being run as "#" which prevents me from entering Windows dirs, etc.

I've run the payload for "DuckyInstall", which completed successfully and looking at the ducky template, setting the language should be as I have done in my script:


# Set your language here

# Run Ducky Script
QUACK switch2/ducky.txt

After this, no change (still seeing "#" instead of "\" in file paths) I connected to the bunny via serial to check the install of 'duckyinstall'. I found the "gb.json" in the following dir:


I also copied this file to /root/tools/languages - so this dir now contains "us.json" and "gb.json". Tried the script again and no dice. Still getting "#" input instead of "\". 

Any pointers would be appreciated - thanks.

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5 hours ago, elkentaro said:

Cause, if you don't define its a Quack, the script would assume its a generic bash level attack I assume. Where as the SET_LANGUAGE is to a ducky script command to look for the defined keyboard layout.

I think its a bug, which can also be fixed with this pull request on GitHub:


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3 minutes ago, Paulgommard said:

How do you copy your [language].json to tools/languages ?

I'm not sure what you mean with "your [language].json"... languages will be installed by running the DuckyInstall payload...

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I have a problem.
My keyboard si ch-fr (Swiss-French), or, the ch.json file is for ch-de (Swiss-Deutch).
The fr.json is also not correct.
Are ok.
But the specials caracters, not, nothing on screen :(

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Would someone care to explain how I change the language to gb? I performed ducky install, then used the updater to get all of the language files, I then went to my config.txt and set it to "#!/bin/bash #This configuration file is used to set default variables DUCKY_LANG gb". I am trying to run the usb exfiltration payload on switch 2 and it will not even show a loot folder now. From what I have found on this forum switching the keyboard language seems to be it.

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