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Mac serial connection script


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Hello all,

With MAC's (and Linux) you have to know the device of course to serial into it. To make it quicker for me I wrote the below script to search the MAC for the bash bunny (If you have multiple modems this may not work for you) and prompt you to connect to it. Feel free to use and modify as desired.

# Title:         Mac Serial Connect
# Author:        NightStalker
# Version:       1.0
# Finds the Bash Bunny in the /dev/cu.* location and
# prompt you to connect to it.


bunnyloc=`ls /dev/cu.* | grep usbmodem`
echo "Bash bunny is located at: $bunnyloc"
read -r -p "Would you like to connect to it? (Y/N): " connanswer
echo $connanswer

if [ "$connanswer" == "N" -o "$connanswer" == "n" ]
		exit 0
elif [ "$connanswer" == "Y" -o "$connanswer" == "y" ]
		screen $bunnyloc 115200
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