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Ducky Scripts w/ Output


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You won't be able to write directly to /root/loot, and I'm guessing you don't actually want to as /root can only be accessed from the BB side (via serial or SSH for example). I'm guessing you mean the root of the BB as it's mounted as a STORAGE device (flashdrive). If you're running firmware 1.3 (IDK about previous ones, I think this works back to 1.1?) there is a variable $SWITCH_POSITION that can be helpful too, for example, in a payload.txt script to put a file (filename) in the loot folder on the root of the flashdrive, you would write to this: /root/udisk/loot/filename if you wanted to write to the switch folder (where you put payload.txt), then write to this: /root/udisk/payloads/$SWITCH_POSITION/loot/filename.

If you are wanting to write to a loot folder on the flashdrive from a Ducky Script instead of from the payload.txt, then you will need to know which OS you are running on. For example, on mac, you can probably write to /Volumes/BashBunny (assuming no major OS changes). On windows, you will need to run some powershell (most common) to figure out what path to write to:

(gwmi win32_volume -f 'label="BashBunny"' | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DriveLetter)

On linux, you may be able to write to write to this, but it depends on the flavor of linux:



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