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USB OTG (Arming Mode)


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Question -

Looks like, in ARMING mode, the Bash Bunny is a dedicated serial console. Is there any way to get ARMING mode to be set as a USB Serial (OTG) device? (just trying to find an easy way to arm it via ssh and a phone).

Or am I missing something - I tried SSH'ing into while arming, but that doesn't seem to work..


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2 minutes ago, illwill said:

Using JuiceSSH and the switch1 payload.txt

I was able to SSH in only after i turned off my data and WIFI connections


This is unfortunately a limitation of Android. Only one network interface can be active at a time unless there is application code that binds its self to an interface. Of course, you can also use a file explorer to edit files in mass storage mode, so you can update / edit payloads on the go.

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20 minutes ago, mako said:

Unfortunately - looking to do this from iOS, not Android.. Really just need a way to set ARMING mode to use ECM_ETHERNET instead of SERIAL .. 

It's serial and mass storage. Mass Storage will also work on iOS.

If you want to use ECM_ETHERNET, you would have to create a payload for you specific purpose.

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