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Pineapple blocks my Internet through wifi


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Hello dear fellow pineappelians! I have traveled the web from  the mystic contry of sweden, to this vast etopia of knowledge in the need of advice.


After a long time with no pineapple, i decided to pick it up again, however, i know stumble on a few issues:

So I have a raspbery pi 3 which runs raspbian. Here is my idea. I want to be apple to surf the web on my pi (or basically use the Internet, I have a discord bot running), but i also want to connect my pineapple via the ethernet port on the pi. However, each time I do this, the pineapple overrides my networksettings, which makes me not be able to connect to the Internet. I ran your script wpa5.sh and did input on the field Internet Gateway, the router IP and the PC ip. But as soon as i run that script, i get booted of the internet, makeing me loos my VNC  connection and still, no internet.

So any ideas?



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