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Immediate or Simultanious Storage Access


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So if Im crafting a payload and i want the bunny to make a decision based on the output of a terminal she's typing in, would I be able to use something like

'nmap localhost >> storage'

then use an if-then to read the file the data is stored to and plan an attack vector that way?

'if ssh, then ssh'

My experience with storage is that simultanious access doesnt work well, is that true here?


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This is one of the wonderful things with bashbunny.

You have the full power of bash, so conditional statement away.

Here is some references, if I have time later ill update with some code about your specific ask, but at a high level im thinking NMAP -> file, then cat the file through grep and find the SSH then do a conditional based on the "open/block" state of it.






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