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Reverse Engineering a transponder


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When google fails and information is lacking, I figured I'd give this forum a shot. So, I found a bunch of "smart meters" in the trash and I always enjoy free parts, but looking at it, looking at the FCC ID and Patents for this specific one I'm toying the possibility of it being able to become a wifi amplifier. I checked the FCC ID to find what frequency it operates, UHF - which is what wifi operates. Cracking open the hermetically sealed case, I see the right parts for it. 2 li-ion 6.3v, 2 antenna holes, your basic combination of resistors, a jumper, capacitor, crystal oscillator, 2 micro controllers, one to probably store data, the other with the program, and a really odd spark gap tube with copper legs.SMDs all over the place. Option 1 is to break out the multi-meter and borrow my brother in laws oscilloscope and painstakingly map it out. Option 2 is asking the forum who has more collective knowledge than a scrubby hobbist with limited knowledge if they think it's possible, or if it's even possible to find a circuit diagram. It's made my Ramar technology, board # 915 v33.

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