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Bash Bunny specs?


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A lot of people are confused about the storage capacity of this device.  The great thing about the Bash Bunny , if you've watched the latest hak5 video is that it runs a Debian in all its glory .  He also mentions how you have access to the apt repositories.  That said Debian ships with at least two disk partitioning utilities that I can think of off top.  One being parted , and fdisk.  'df -h' gives you human readable storage capacity and the amount used, and whats left on that partition.  That said it wouldn't show unallocated space available in the onboard flash, just the remainder of the partition.  Also if the storage isn't formatted it will not display the way your expecting.  (I've never used the Bash Bunny just speaking from regular daily use of Debian experience)  If you have a problem partitioning from the CLI install x11-server-utils , openssh-server and last but not least gparted.  Use gparted via X11 fowarding and format and make use of the unallocated space by resizing the desired partitions.  All that, not really necessary when fdisk & parted are so easy to use , with a little bit of basic math you can figure out how much space is available and where.  I do not own this tool, but if you need the GUI to partition just get your X11 forwarding situated .  My questions to Darren are, 1. Being a sysadmin do you ever use the bash bunny to automate every day processes ?  I could see myself using this in concert with the NSE.  Making a recon script using nmap and a bunch of other networking utilities and > the_results.txt (multiple text files to keep it organized, and maybe even some logs) to build a complete profile/fingerprint of the entire network using my favorite tools and the nmap scripting engine to get a documented snap shot of everything I would want to know about the network it one go.  Then setting up the LED indicator to let me know when the recon script was complete.  Based on that information carefully crafting a plan of attack or just an overall extensive survey of the network if its just my sysadmin hat on that day. 2)  What are your thoughts bout the bash bunny being compared to the USB Armory ?  

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