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USB Hub (External Power or No?)

Null Trace

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So I was reading around and I read that you should use a powered USB hub for the Wifi Pineapple. However, the post I found was in 2012 so I am unsure if this is still needed. I would like to know if I should get a powered USB Hub, or if it even matters with the Wifi Pineapple Nano. If I should, would the item from Amazon okay? 

Link to 2012 Post: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27549-usb-hub-powered-by-wifi-pineapple/

Link to product: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0192LPK5M/ref=psdc_281413_t2_B00DQFGH80

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From a theoretical point of view, you should definitely use a powered hub. From a practical perspective, it depends. If you use a hub that uses very little power on it's own, and plug in only 2 devices that themselves draw little current, and you give the nano 2 amps or more, you might manage it without problems.

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Depends on what you are using with the pineapple.  If it draws as much power as the nano itself then yes you will want to get a powered hub or just like the pineapple a usb Y cable.  In my experience, using the rt5370 snubby wifi dongle i dont need a hub because the nano can power it just fine.  If I use my ALFA AWUS051nV2, which came with a Y cable, then yes I also plug that into the battery im using.  This way your not trying to push to much power through the nano and it should stay cooler theoretically. 

Snubby RT5370


Alfa AWUS036neh

TP-link wn722

^^^^ these are all things I have used with my nano without using a powered hub or extra power for the dongle.  

If you underpower your nano then you also underpower your dongle.

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