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my first video tutorial


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yes its a bit lame but its the first time ive done a video lol i need pointers, lol my uncle saw it and he said i ummed tooooo much and paused alot lol but he said the content was accurate (uncle = dr of computers)

here are the metacxafe and youtube links below



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That was more a video showing that it's possible than a tutorial. To make it a real tutorial you should go through step by step and actually add a game in the video. And any path that's too small to read but is important should either be zoomed in on or be displayed in big text somewhere.

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your audio record volume is too loud, aether turn it down or move you mic away from your beak ...

Im doing the DofE award, and have chosen IT for my skill section, so im actually planning to set up an IPTV show soon, after i get my assessors ok first (shall ask tomorrow) .. so =D

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