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SD Card visible in SSH but not in GUI

Malcolm Shore

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I have a 128Gb SD Card mounted in my Nano (firmware 1.1.3).  The SD card has been formatted via the GUI (USB drop down), but subsequent to formatting (and many restarts) does not appear in the left hand table.  However, when I SSH into the Nano:

   fdisk -l shows:

       /dev/sda    134.2Gb 

       /dev/sda1....130062240 blocks....Linux

       /dev/sda2.......1004031 blocks.....Linux


ls /dev/sdcard -all shows

      sd  ->  /dev/sda

      sd1 ->  /dev/sda1

      sd2  ->  /dev/sda2


/etc/config/fstab shows

    target '/sd'

    device '/dev/sdcard/sd1'

    fstype  'auto'



ls /mnt shows


cd /mnt/sda1 allows me to change directory to sda1, and I can create files on the sd card.  So the card has been mounted, and is working at least at the command line.

However, the Advanced Tab in the WiFi Pineapple, while it allows me to format the sdcard, does not show /dev/sda1 in the left-hand window and I can only save infusions to internal storage.  Everything seems to be configuredd correctly, but for some reason the nano interface just isn't picking it up.  


Can anyone provide some guidance here?  What am I missing?



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