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wlan0 Disappear


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I set the Open AP channel to 100 (5ghz) and after I updated the AP wlan0 and wlan0-1 have gone missing also.  Under networking tab and running ifconfig. I also did a reboot and the same thing. I made a bug report on wifipineapple.com. Has anybody else run into this?

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$ ifconfig wlan0 up 

$ifconfig wlan0-1 up

this brought up wlan0 but still no wlan0-1 and it is enabled in the webui.  Im using channel 100.

PineAP enables wlan1mon which shows up with "ifconfig" and the LED starts going, but the webui will not switch to Enabled and I can only log and allow associations.  Recon works and returns results.  

After reboot wlan0 is down.

Also yes that is correct about wlan0-1. I think im getting this right, but radio0 broadcast 2 different AP's (wlan0 and wlan0-1). wlan0 is the openAP and wlan0-1 is the ManagementAP 

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I don't know why but I changed it to channel 44 and no problem. So interesting though, my home wifi router for 5ghz is missing 100-124 which the pineapple allows to switch to.  I downloaded an app on my phone and nobody in my area is using those channels. So after doing some reading the channels I was trying to use are used for DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection). Which I somewhat understand enough to know that its not going to work.

Edit:  Even though changing the channel fixed my wlan0 and wlan0-1 problem of not showing up... Now it shows both interfaces up but Its not broadcasting wlan0-1 (managementAP).  The Open AP is broadcasting (wlan0)

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