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Pineapple does not have internet access


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I installed pineapple nano on Kali linux machine (updated firmware).

I connected my Pineapple as explained in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrHbEZd4t00.

I succeeded to connect, however, I don't have internet access. For example, in the dashboard screen, I can't load Bulletins from WiFiPineapple.com, but I can see probes, SSIDs, etc.

On my Kali laptop, the wireless is wlan0. In eth1 (the Pineapple ethernet lan), my IP address is

On my Pineapple device, I have only the IP and the lan is called br-lan.

I can access one machine from another.

The gateway on the Pineapple machine is in, but I can't get a ping from this IP from both the Pineapple device and my Kali machine.

I tried almost everything almost two days, but still cannot get it work.


the output of the route command on the Pineapple, just gives me two rows. The first is default, and the second is *. Both are for interface br-lan.

I will be glad to get some help. In particular, I would like to know if this is normal that I can't access the (I tried to change it to the Kali's IP address, but it did not help)


Thanks in advance!



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2 hours ago, b0N3z said:

$ wget http://www.wifipineapple.com/wp6.sh

make it executable and run the script. it will get ICS working.

I wish it was the case. As I said, I followed the tutorial and used this script.

Yet - it does not work.

I will be glad to get answer about the 42.42 gateway. Is it normal that I can't ping it?

Can someone give an example to his config? (ips and routes for pineapple, laptop and gateway)

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no you need to have the wifi or eth0 as primary turn of eth1 which should be the pineapple and then run the wp6.sh again and let me know what it does kali can be a little tricky

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