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Lanturtle - Device driver not installed

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Hello all, i just started playing with my new lan-turtle below are few issues i got stuck into.

1 - pluged my lan-turtle into mac osx, i ssh it successfully but my internet connection went down (i know because its a new network device so maybe)

2 - i plugged it in into windows 7 (vm machine) it said (USB 10 / 100 LAN drivers not installed)

3 - when i tried to ssh from my Mac-book i went into modules list i could not find "responder" module, i thought maybe i can check for update then may it should appear ? but there is no internet connection while i plug it into macbook.

Please suggest something i am new with this.

Thank you


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Also now after first time boot and ssh i am unable to ssh on default IP it has below issues

1 -being assigned diffrent IP, when i ssh on new IP that is showing connection refused,

2 - assigned IP mannualy same IP (NO Response its showing IP already assigned somewhere in my system (there is no host with this IP on my whole network)

anyone can reply ? i dont see active this as a active forum :( already did 2 posts before in few days got single response.



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On OSX: disable all active network connections (onboard LAN/Wifi) and then plug in a Cat5 cable from your router/switch to the lanturtle. Plug lan turtle into mac, open a terminal and type: ifconfig
you should have an ip address of 172.16.84.x from there just ssh [email protected]
From there you should be set!

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