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How does the WiFi work for clients?


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Although not 100% required for everything you will get more out of it by giving it internet access.

You can plug it into a PC and share your internet access using the wp6 script. Or you can use one of the nano's radios (usually wlan1) in client mode. but this limits your capabilities when using the nano for certain tasks. Or you can plug in wifi dongle into the nanos usb port as a 3rd radio (also in client mode) which gives you full functionality  but means you cant plug anything else into the NANO. Also some 3g/4g modems work well plugged into the nano's USB port giving a very mobile solution that leaves the radios free but again ties up the USB port.

Each have advantages under different circumstances, so depends what your doing. Not to mention access to modules and updates. Hope this helps.

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forgot 3g/4g modem
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