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how to use storage (mounted sdcard) for inject.bin payloads

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Hello all, i am new with rubber ducky, can anyone explain the below things to me so that i can get a clear image for it.

  1. can i use it as a usb mass storage device ? like it should show in PC that new mass storage device found and i can put files into it directly ( the mounted sdcard space) ? without remove sd card again and again ?
  2. will payloads wrok ? if i put files directly from PC into sdcard (without removing) using ducky usb port ?
  3. will ducky works (executes the commands / keyboards key ) while pluging into PC first time ? like as i feel like it does'nt work on first time it detects and install drivers and i have to re-plugin again to get it work.


Thank you in advance, please explain a bit and suggest.

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Yes you can do this. Search up "TwinDuck" & you will get tutorials & guides on how to flash your ducky to make it mass storage + be able to still execute the payloads you put directly on the USB!

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