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After a factory reset, what are the first 5 things you do? Your proverbial pineapple triple 'S'.


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I've been listening to Timothy ferris lately. He interviews people in the top of their field and tends to ask similar questions.  One of the questions he asks everyone is, 'What's your morning routine like?'. I thought of this place and I wanted to ask a similar question.

After a factory reset or new Pineapple.  What are the first few things you make sure to set up? Possible downloads,pivotal  settings used most often, ect..

I'm not looking for your life story or secrets but a little insight to quality people. Hopefully someone you don't detest can benefit, even if marginally. Have a beautiful day when you read this.

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I thought this would get more posts :) I'm interested in seeing what others are doing too.

Firmware update - as a check because some factory firmwares are not latest version

Install modules - Cabinet, CursedScreech, Evil Portal, LED Controller, nmap, Papers, Portal Auth, RandomRoll, Responder, Status, dwall & tcpdump.

CLI - Wifite, Horst,, recently testing Mana attack

Projects - bash menu system using dialog similar to lan turtle to install my backup files/non standard packages etc.

Just a hobbyist non developer - many mistaker - factory reseter :)

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run opkg update 

install modules (Dwall, TcpDump, PortAuth, Deauth, Cabinet, LED Manager, Log Manager, DNS masq, Papers, nmap)

scp Evil Portal Beta and My Portals

Change a couple files so instead of Wifi Pineapple it says Gorilla Squad

set anything that I want to start on boot and then reboot 


I figured this would get more attention. Im not a security expert im just a curious nerd thats trying to learn as much as possible. 

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Assuming The firmware is up todate, Before anything else I set timezone, clear temp pages, format SD card (if with nano), randomize mac addresses and then reset.

After connecting to internet The foremost modules I download is tcpdump, papers, cabinet, nmap, p0f (even though I don't know how to interpret the results, it seems hugely important) and log manager. If I have more time, responder, deauth, urlsnarf and dnsmasq.

and then usually I try to find a specific code amongst the many notes I've saved somewhere on the several platforms I thought pivotal at the time of saving.

From that point my thought train splinters into countless questions, thoughts of what could be done differently and regret on using the 'wrong' dongle/adapter/antenna/batterpack/pack to hold it/time management style...

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Right now i got all the above on the sidewith


Pineapple NANO + TETRA


wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kbeflo/wifite-openwrt/master/INSTALL.sh | bash -s -- -v -v

(This will launch an install script that downloads wifite, tools, and installs all the python-libraries correctly.)

wifite is installed to /usr/share/ or /sd/usr/share when using the Pineapple NANO.


im messing with snoopy  and drone hunting but also loving responder 

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added wifite intsall
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