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Stealing files with the USB Rubber Ducky: I found a bug in the script


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Hello everyone, 
I'm talking about this recent payload:

The bug is in the e.cmd file, where the folder name is created, depending on date and time:

REM Creates directory compromised of computer name, date and time
REM %~d0 = path to this batch file. %COMPUTERNAME%, %date% and %time% pretty obvious
set dst=%~d0\slurp\%COMPUTERNAME%_%date:~-4,4%%date:~-10,2%%date:~7,2%_%time:~-11,2%%time:~-8,2%%time:~-5,2%

Thanks to the fact that I always do my hacking homeworks in the night, I discovered that the time is not always 11 characters long, in fact it could be like this:
2:34:54 instead of 02:34:54.

So, if you are executing the script in the night, you'll have a folder name containing an empty character, like NAME_10122017_   23454, and this is causing issues later when the scrip has to copy the files to this folder.
The responsible script part is this: %time:~-11,2%, where it always goes back 11 characters to get the first two numbers, but it finds just one.

I did not have the time to modify it to make it work every"time" ;), but it should be easy to do. I just wanted all of you to know about it ;)


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