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Can't get into DFU mode


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Hey all,

I've been using my ducky with the original firmware and it has been working fine. However, I have been trying to flash it into twin_duck mode but I CANNOT get it into DFU mode. I have tried relentlessly. I have followed several of the tutorials with no luck. When I hold down the button and insert it into the USB port there are no LED's flashing. If I insert it into the USB without holding the button I get a solid RED LED. This is making no sense. I know that the button works 100% because if I load a script onto it and insert it into my test system, I can push the button and deliver the payload. Any payload I want and/or write. So the button works. I have additionally tried DFU mode on both linux and windows systems with no luck. Someone help. This is driving me crazy.

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Ok, so I have continued playing with this and found that in linux mint (running in an vm) that when I hold down the button and go into DFU mode I have to go to the menu options of virtual box and select amtel from the USB list. Then I can open ducky flasher and flash the firmware.


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At first I also have the same issue when I used my microSD 32GB. Then I replace my microSD by the original microSD 128MB which come together with  the USB and it worked. I can brign it into DFU mode and upgrade twin duck firmware. After that i can replace the 128MB microsd with my microSD

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