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I cant seem to get the mp3's downloaded


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Wow, I got a plugtmp showing up. Successfulyl ripped using the grabber, too. I switched to flash 7 r63. I was using Flash 9.0 r16. I had it installed, but it was probally that my firefox browser was running and probally still running 8. So it was in my cache. Your right.

Thanks man. I also like your addition to pandora jar. To grab/put it the mp3 in a artist to album to song format. Don't like the station folder so much, though. Can I change this somehow?

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SporkRocker, take a look at you default.properties file, specifically the lines:

#File/directory name format

# %a - artist; %b - album; %t - title; %s - station

# NOTICE: if no album / station data they will be replaced with "UNKNOWN"

# if nothing specified here, defaulting to: "%s/%a/%b/%a-%t"

# spaces are fine, don't add .mp3, use forward slashes don't start with /


uncomment the last line (remove the "#").

and set it's value to whatever you want.

from what you say, I guess you'd prefer this:




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try putting an alert into the downloadMP3() function of pandoraGrabber. js.  Just see if when you click the button, that actually gets called.  If you put it far enough down in the function, see if artist and songName are filled in.  Sorry to get all programmer-y.  It'll look like:

function downloadMP3() {
    alert('I have hit the function');
    lookup = $F("cddb");

I have the same problem as the OP

I tried this and it's not responding - no change from before

Firefox 2. 0. 0. 3

Flash 8. 0 r22 (flash switcher)

Latest Java

PJ 7. 4. 0 CF7

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If you just downloaded the jar from the Noobie forum area then you will not be able to download the songs due to pandora attacking the download script.

The pandora player will register the javascript method "downloadMP3" when you click the grab track the method in pandora gets called instead of pandoras jar.

There is a very simple workaround. NOTE! this requires editing some file but dont worry they are not tricky.

1) Open up the pandora jar folder. Navigate into the 'js' folder and right click on 'pandoraGrabber.js' and say edit

2) Find and replace all occurrences of "downloadMP3" with something of your choice (i use 'jarizeMP3')

3) There should be 5 locations. ALSO REPLACE THE "downloadMP3Response"

4) Save the file

5) Navigate up to the main directory and edit the 'pandoraGrabber.html' file. (you may need to say "open with >  notepad" as MS Wßord wont work)

6) Find the occurrence of "downloadMP3();" and replace with what you used above. (mine would become "jarizeMP3();")

7) Save file and relaunch the website. (mostlikely http://localhost:8085)

Try grabbing a song. You should be golden now.

this was originally found by MrMix


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use flashswitcher to overcome the flash version problem.

use greasemonkey (or noscript) to overcome pandora asking you to upgrade your flash.


My Pandora works fine at home, but ever since I had to format/reinstall my hard drive at work, I haven't been able to get it to work here.  I'm pretty sure it is related to Flash, but I can't figure it out, and I hoped you wouldn't mind considering what it might be.

When I uninstall Flash 9 and install Flash 8, my Firefox browser refuses to believe I have Flash installed.  It continues to prompt me for the plug-in.  I've even tried installing Flash switcher, but that doesn't seem to do anything.  It STILL prompts for a new plug-in.

I'd be grateful for anything anyone could suggest.



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hal. hockersmith, you are my hero.  My own personal Jesus.

Quoted for truth.  With this and a couple of other workarounds in this thread I was able to finally get this thing working.  Happiness and jubilation!

Karen, if you're referring to the Pandora window itself telling you to upgrade your flash version, to workaround that I downloaded the noscript firefox add-on to workaround that.  Greasemonkey was also mentioned in this thread as a workaround for it as well.  I may download it to see if it works in a manner that I consider more convenient for my tastes, but for now I'm just happy that I've got the thing working.

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I am having this same exact problem as Davedave.  I have tried all the suggested fixes listed in this thread with no luck.

I can get the jar file to run, I get Pandora to play music with the hack on the screen, but the middle pane has no data and remains gray.  My one difference with Davedave is that the artist pane (the left one) does change slightly.  When I first start, the left and right panes both say 'Initing song/artist stats. '  At the bottom it starts saying "initiating getartistbio() in X seconds. "  It then counts down from 15 to 0 (in place of the X) and then displays "getartistbio() complete. "  When that happens, the left middle pane changes to "Retrieving artist (Artist whose song is playing) bio. . . . "  It will then hang there indefinitely.

What's the problem?  anyone know?

I am running the latest java, I reverted from flash 9 to 8. 34, firefox 2. 0. 0. 4.  Hitting 'grab this track' does nothing, regardless of what setting is set for cruise.

Help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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You should try what Razor said. If you don't want to, try this Grab Button fix that worked for me (credit to MrMath and Birra):

Those sneaky guys over at Pandora.

Here's the fix:

0) Make a backup copy of pandoraGrabber.js in the pandorajs folder.

1) Open pandoraGrabber.js in your favorite editor. Note that Windows users may need to use WordPad instead of Notepad

2) Replace every instance of "downloadMP3" with "pandorasJarDownloadMP3"

3) Replace every instance of "downloadMP3Response" with "pandorasJarDownloadMP3Response"

4) Save the new file

Start pandora over again.

THEN you must follow this to get the grab button working(thanks Sheugel):

If you want the manual mode to work, you  also have to edit (with Notepad) the pandoraGrabber.html file with the same modifications as mentionned above. It took me some time to figure that out...
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