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when i open some programs (mostly microsoft programs) I get a window with a title of HPIZplus450. It has a loading bar, it completes, the window pops up again, and sometimes a thrid time, at the last time, i get hundreds of error. most of the time i just click cancel.

The program does run after all of this, but its just plain old annoying.

PS. this been happening ever since I tried to install microsoft max, but of corse, it didn't install all the way leave tons of errors to laugh at me.

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Since the forums Staff Psychic vanished after last weeks lottery we've gonna have to be old fashioned and ask you to note down the error message....

Try googling the name as well, it seems that the software is part of a HP printer driver. If you don't have one, look for "HPIZplus450" in the add-remove programs. If you do, unistall it and reinstall it. But if your windows install is fubar'd (ie can't move for error messages), nuke it and start again.

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I did google it, I found nothing

I looked it the add/remove program, not there

I did record my Errors, I put the numers, its not part of the error.

1. Internal Error 2908 {ECF8B151-36E3-4AA7-ABA3-E8A1BB85B4DB}

2. Internal Error 2908 {1F2EFF69-3DBE-4485-B545-2EAB3587768E}

3. Internal Error 2908 {9A601540-0EF4-41C6-BBA2-90960B595BF0}

4. Internal Error 2908 {4B9D83B3-EF97-4988-95AD-8448A9EE26C7}

5. Internal Error 2908 {E99CFA76-6332-480E-9A97-9B8DE853F776}

6. Internal Error 2908 {F8438306-C215-421F-946D-F364C87BFF99}

7. Internal Error 2908 {826319D7-850F-4DE3-867A-5E1AD85B7620}

8. Internal Error 2908 {895D7126-F29B-4AD3-9C15-9D91DE446BD7}

9. Internal Error 2908 {2A3C8C01-A190-4F10-B3C4-1B02B941E356}

10. Internal Error 2908 {6AF510E5-0242-440C-BE4C-F78C4E5BD638}

11. Internal Error 2908 {8BA7B601-CF38-4869-96FD-800D87AAA16B}

12. Internal Error 2908 {05BB061F-058A-45EC-8E4B-07EC29F70580}

13. Internal Error 2908 {14F74E7A-38A7-4E00-B0C5-23621C323BC1}

14. Internal Error 2908 {A5E99FEF-2BDB-4712-9CA2-CA4E71E28CA0}

15. Internal Error 2908 {68F4030A-F75D-4976-8AAB-B3910653A3A4}

16. Internal Error 2908 {7A14539F-3838-4675-A9B8-ABC09F6F40C6}

17. Internal Error 2908 {745ADBF7-EA4A-48B4-BAEA-D7C124479DF6}

18. Internal Error 2908 {F416205F-17B4-4375-9820-D8149908DB25}

19. Internal Error 2908 {E6086B47-988C-42E3-9C15-15F354784496}

20. Internal Error 2908 {151B8607-6C22-4231-9A7B-BB6440FE77E0}

21. Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly


Please refer to help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x8002802f.

Yes, it did took a long time, I couldn't just copy and paste.

i did chacked help and support as the last error said, i got nothing


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Well googling variants of hpodcore gets you some HP networked printers... kinda cool really.

But anyhoo, it sounds like there is the remains of some badly removed HP printer driver in there somewhere... Try clearing all your temp directorys manually (sometime installs stick in there, and run when you launch other programs...):

Then back up your personal information to somewhere external.

(in xp)

c:documents and settings<UN>local settingstemp

Then unistall anything from HP you can find (you can grab it from there site later on if you need).

Also, look in you registry (start->run->"regedit") for any mention of "HPIZplus450". Deleteing it might help, but also It could kill your PC meaning a reinstal of windows, you have been warned... its your choice.

But honestly, reinstal windows? It takes like, 6 hours, to get up an running again.

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buy a mac


manually hack the crap out of your registry


bite the bullet and do a reinstall of the OS (as long as you have no passworded folders) you will be able to just replace windows and keep your data.

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That depends, Linux will have a learning curve to it that might put you off. Worth a shot though, but be aware that your limiting your choice of software. No idea about ATI and Linux personally, i use nvidia which have linux drivers.

Live disks will always be slow (its running from your CD drive, possibly the slowest thing on your computer).

Also, if you install linux, you will need to reformat your drive, which means putting all your data on cd's/dvd's again.

Just reinstall windows over your current install, it will delete your old version of windows and put a fresh copy on. Leaving your data untouched. Then get firefox and some decent freeware anti-spy/virus & firewall on it and then read up on linux a bit more. Then you can set up a second partition/disk with linux on it and dual boot. No nasty suprises that way.

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I ran windows in safe mode and this HPIZ thing didn't poped up, which means it's not a windows critical program, I once again went though the add/remove programs agian then I found a program called "HP Image Zone plus 4.5.0" so I though it could be the same thing, so I deleated it, now my computer works :D

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