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Pineapple vs Cisco AP


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I have a pineapple tetra and am currently interning with an I.T. admin. We decided to see how the Cisco AP's would react to the tetra. I booted up Kali and the pineapple on my laptop (which was connected to the guest network) and immediately, the admin received texts and emails that a rogue AP had been detected. When I tried to deauth the AP's for the guest network, they blocked it and sent another email saying the attacks were "contained." 

As I come to understand wireless networks, I assume being on the guest wifi helped detect the tetra, but I also assume that a wifi adapter in monitor mode could pick up devices without the Cisco AP's flagging it...

The goal is to get to the hidden wlan- pineapple or not, any suggestions would be great for accessing the wlan.


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"To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy" Sun Tzu.

Looks tough - this is what your up against. 


Also there is an open source application available doing a similar task here


I wonder if it would run on a pineapple :)

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My morning became strangely poetic. Thanks for the link.

From the Cisco link, I read, "Additionally the tool will enter into preventive mode in which the tool will DoS the users of the legitimate wireless network from connecting to the discovered Evil AP."

Arguably, if I started this as a project, I suppose the goal would be to get the system to DoS its users from connecting to itself. Interesting concept, research away.


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