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How hard is it really, to get into University?


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I am currently nearing the end of Grade 10, (Well, 7 months), and have started looking at Post-Secondary Education.

(Hell, I'm taking French. I might as well use it)

I am currently looking at a few different schools:

UBC (Located in Vancouver, BC)

BCIT (Also in Vancouver)

Or if move to Ontario:

University of Toronto

My grades are quite average, mostly C+'s and B's. I excel in Science though, and have been getting A's in Chemistry since god knows when.

I am mainly focusing on taking courses in Chemical Engineering.

Now for the main question, how hard it it to get in? (Just decent Universities in general)

Do your marks have to be Straight A's?

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It all depends on how good of a school you want to get into and the program you are looking at. Some program's have more competition and that means higher entrance requirements. Technically you don't even need a high school diploma to get into University. I would go online and check to see what the minimum requirements are as they normally reflect somewhat closely to what you will need. Also you might want to research how many students got turned away for that program in the last 2-3 years.

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agreed with vako, i think it's pretty easy to get into uni in the uk. but....

you take a loan.. over say 3 years... 10-14k... +

3 years sacrificed wages.... 40-65k... =

£50-79k LOSS from university.

i'm yet to see any gain.

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I'd like to go, you know, but I don't fancy a 5 figure debt...

I don't know about the education side but all I've really heard about uni is it's a great place to meet people and... well... get absolutely hammered on a fairly regular basis...

I mean... that's all good, but £x,000 debt? meh...

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Yea, as said before it really does depend on the school. Just go to the school website and look for reqs. The school I go to now is just an average run of the mill school, and all I needed to get in was EITHER a 22 on the ACTs (Standardized test, not sure if it's just an American test or not) or be in the top 50% of your high school graduating class. I was one person under 50% of my class, but I got a 27 on the ACT's so I got in easily. However if I would have tried to get into the main school around here I don't think it would have went through.

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I'm going (taking a gap year tho) but the only thing that is putting me is because I'm doing an IT based course I'm just worried that there will be no girls and just a bunch of unsociable guys in my group, I have no problems meeting girls or getting to know people but I need to be round people like me; outgoing, mad, sociable etc you know :?

hey I'm a very out going computer nerd :P .. don't be too stereotypical like

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I got this email once that offered a degree, and you wouldn't even have to show up at any University or anything.

Hold on, I'll look it up and PM you the details.

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