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Best wireless adapter for both kali and with driver support on windows 10


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2 hours ago, Spankyy said:

it don't have the power of the alfa serie so i prefer an alfa one 

I think you answered your own question.

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38 minutes ago, Spankyy said:

there is a bunch of them so my question should be which one of them sorry for my english

If you want a card that is going to do both windows and linux well, you'll probably be disappointed. For windows. I'd get a Netgear A6200 802.11 AC dual band card. For Kali/Linux used for monitor mode and injection, I'd go with the AWUS036NHA, but it doesn't have the dual antenna capabilities you'd want for attacks like evil twin, you'd need two of the same cards to have both a fake AP setup, while using the second card to sniff/mitm the traffic unless bridged over wired as well. I have both of these cards, but is only my opinion. As to which cards are the best, I would say YMMV depending on the compatible cards and what you need them for.  

Personally I find the AWUS036NHA to be very slow(when compared to the Netgear card). The limitation is more on the linux side as to what cards will do all the attacks you will want to play with. This one is Atheros based.

I don't own this one Panda PAU05 - https://www.amazon.com/Panda-300Mbps-Wireless-N-Adapter-button/dp/B00EQT0YK2/ but it's claimed to have support for all major OS's including Windows 10 and should work in Kali as well with all attack modes. This one is Ralink based but I have no experience with it. As cheap as it is though, maybe worth picking one(or 2) up.

Most of these cards these days are very cheap(in price, but also some in build quality), so having a bunch to carry in your bag is makes sense depending on which system you're booted into. The Netgear card above, is also compatible with certain windows based monitor mode apps, so you can actually do (passive) monitor mode from a windows machine in wireshark with the correct software and drivers(not shipped with the card itself, but with the capture software). Acrylic WiFi offers a limited free option for windows monitor mode with the Netgear card. Most windows based monitor mode options are expensive paid for products and not as great as the linux side since most don't do deauth or injection of any kind so capturing handshakes in wireshark is more or less a waiting game and something you have to filter for post capture.

Again my opinions. There are a lot of cards that work well with Kali, but the main ones are Atheros and Ralink compatable Alfa and TP-Link cards. For windows, I'd go with what is listed specifically as the fasted and most supported for your OS, and carry one for each OS and purpose.

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I should note, the netgear card I mentioned, only works in windows. Linux doesn't support it, but its a fast wifi card for windows.

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I have had a hard time finding Netgear cards that work in linux.  I have AWUS036HEH (RT3070) and TP-link w722n (Atheros 9271) and couple snubby RT3070 and a RTL8188 and I use certain ones for certain things depending on what I want out of it.  I would not suggest the Alfa AWUS051NH.  It says 2.4 and 5.8 ghz but Ive found it to be good for 2.4ghz monitor mode but if you try to do anything 5ghz its gets all crazy and wont show any results.  Great range if you just wanna connect to an AP.

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12 hours ago, abelwho said:

what do you use for the mac book pro?  I can use my wireless card in the mac, but not long range.

for mac there is nothing really that works for monitor mode that I have found.  I use my awus051nh for connecting to another AP and the Edimax with rtl8188 i use to connect to pineapple when I use that but thats it.  all the others I use linux and on my macbook I use a Kali VM to and just have the VM control whatever usb wifi i have plugged in to the mbp

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