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MY steps to firmware 1.1.2 upgrade


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hello all,


Well first off this is my setup:

1 desktop windows 7, connected to internet via wifi.

1 linux laptop, used to connect to pineapple

Well one of the first things I did was to brush up on the procedure. connect power, connect usb to ETH, and USB to pc. so far my win 7 machine recognized a new device local area connection 2 wifipineapple 98b1. I now proceed to setup internet connection sharing. I follow the steps as follows:

right-click on my active internet connection (in my case my wifi connection) and go to properties, then over to the sharing tab.

under the sharing tab I click the first box to ALLOW connections thru this machine. and then there is a second box (dont check it) BUT... between both of these boxes there is a drop down field

(now here is the tricky part... IF and I stress IF your ethernet cable is not connected to the pineapple u will NOT get the drop-down  below the first box) IF you already connected the cable then the drop down clearly asks which connection to SHARE with.  I break it down like this because I did not connect the cable, and did not get the drop down menu, only by trial and error did I figure this out.

ok so ive got the first part of my internet connection done, now I right-click on my local area connection and choose properties

on to the ipv4 section and click on properties to reveal the ip configuration window, I configure as follows subnet, DNS

click ok .. wait for the hourglasss to apply changes. BLAM all looks ok i right-click on the local area connection and go to status then details and i can see my chages took effect.

I connect with the laptop to the pineapple, then browse to

I get the logon window and then the dashboard.. so far so good.

I click on retrieve news bulletins and i get no internet connection, altho the orange light is blinking like silly...

I go to the networking menu in pineapple and it shows, for the relevant info that is there.

long story short the USB TO ETH cable was the problem... I did not need it, once I unplugged that cable from the pineapple I was able to get to the advanced menu item and click on check for UPDATE,.

Then comes thewonderful option of do you want to upgrade your firmware? HELL yes.... bipity bop a download insues, the lights flash the pineapple disconects and reboots, I reconnect via the laptop  to the pineapple and it says to press quickly the reset button to disable WIFI or hold it down longer to continue with, I opted for without, then comes the page that says



im quite sure that its not supposed to take that long.. so what did I do?

I unplugged it and rebooted right back to a blinking orange light for my network connectivity and a solid blue ready freddy.

I see the pineapple _981b network and connect, I get in my browser a big fat WELCOME.... and a GET STARTED BUTTON ( so far it doesnt look like I messed anything up)

I click on get started and again

QUICKLY PRESS AND RELEASE reset button to disable wifi OR PRESS AND HOLD FOR MORE THAN 2 SECONDS to continue with wifi on?

SCREW it last time I did a quck release and i got 40 minutes of nothing.

This time the screen went GRAY and the usual dialog of THE WIFI PINEAPPLE IS STILL BOOTING, was gone.

and the blue light is on and the orange is blinking (wasnt doing this b4...just 40 min of orange)

all i could see behind the Gray was a setup screen to set root password ETC...

I click in the box, nothing the whole screen is still gray.... I wait a few more minutes of no visual indication of new activity

I click on the password field again and the whole screen goes white, and all the fields are accessible now

cilick complete setup.. and i get a setup completed screen, and that YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED MOMENTARILY....

the wireless disconnects and MOMENTARILY never happens... why? because you have to physically click to reconnect to the newly created/password protected pineapple.

oh yea and dont even bother refreshing the MOMENTARILY PAGE, you have to open a new browser window to refresh the cache files.


FIRMWARE UPGRADE TO 1.1.2 successful, stressfull, and now ready to be played with.


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