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Best license/encryption program


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I know it will be an ubsurd request because this is a hacking forum :) I'm a developer and I'm making my money by selling a program, but I realized that someone cracked my program and distributing it. I'm currently using WinLicense for encryption. Do you know a better program for license and/or encryption?

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I doubt it, if people can pirate Microsoft by bypassing their licence technology then anything else is going to be breakable.

Plus, if you use anything off the shelf and someone creates a generic bypass for it then you are screwed but if you create your own, you probably aren't going to do a better job so screwed that way as well. It comes down to how much you are prepared to spend on technology and time compared to how much you are losing. Would the pirates have bought the software if they couldn't get it for free? If not you've not actually lost anything.

I'd build into your business model that piracy will happen and write it off. Look to recoup the costs through support or online only features which can't be shared or pirated.

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