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It doesn't recognize these keys { } in Spanish keyboard


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Hi everyone,

I've been using the USB Rubber Ducky for the past few months and coded pretty interesting stuff, the thing is that the other day I found this video where it shows you how to get web browsers passwords whithin a few lines. So, I decided to try it and I found out that in a Spanish keyboard the Rubber Ducky doesn't recognize these keys { } and instead it replaces them with these keys [ ] therefore Powershell gives me an error everytime I try it. Ok, now what I'm asking you is to tell me if there's any way of making it work for expample replacing '{' with any other keys that the Rubber Ducky will understand.

Sorry for my English, I'm Argentinian.

I hope you can help me ASAP, thank you in advance :)

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Ok, since no one replied for more than a week I decided to come up with a solution myself.

What I did was I changed the ".properties" Spanish file from the Ducky Encoder software and put the keys in a correct order since it wasn't distinguishing a bracket from a brace.

Here's the file for all the latin american fellows having the same problem. Hope it helps, it took me hours to understand the code and try several times.

Steps to make it work:

1. Download the USB Rubber Ducky Encoder from here

2. Select the layout file you downloaded before

3. Browse/Write a script

4. Export bin and it should work!

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